Job Seeker Testimonials

The Venteon Team – Sarah, Jamie, Adam for recruiting – assisted me to reconnect into an excellent career move. They were thoughtful, caring and presented multiple opportunities.


Great company, and positive environment. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Sarah is the best 👌 👍


Venteon was absolutely instrumental and very helpful for finding me a very good fit direct hire job at a very rapid pace. I worked with both Kathy and Sarah and they were excellent to speak with and work with! If I were someone looking for any type of job placement I would definitely get a hold of Venteon!

Great services and an overall great experience working with them!

Sarah is a fantastic person to work with! Most Recruiting agencies just bombard me with emails and text messages, what got my attention was Sarah took the time to call me, that alone is why I gave Venteon my time to hear what they had to say and I’m glad that I did.  She is incredibly resourceful and worked closely with me throughout the entire process, on both a professional and personal level, she is truly a class act.  Unlike any other hiring agency, she was there through the entire transition process guiding me through one of the biggest and toughest decisions in my career.  I can’t express my appreciation enough!

Thank you, Sarah, and thank you Venteon.


Sarah is a fantastic person to work with!! She is incredibly resourceful and can work with you throughout the job search process (Especially during your ups and downs). Unlike many other hiring agencies, Sarah worked through my struggles, helped me find positions, maintained contact, and provided the necessary motivation! She worked with me through many battles and is knowledgeable about resolving issues.

Unlike any other hiring agency, she provided me with resources that helped smooth the transition process; Sarah feels like a mentor! Venteon also provides great newsletters offering insights and learning that would give great information.

Sarah, Thank you very much!!!!


It has been a pleasure working with the Venteon team over the past year plus.  The client care is exceptional and because of that, I was matched with a company and a team of professionals that I have the pleasure of working with on a permanent basis now.  I found a new work family and I didn’t think that would happen again.  I appreciate all of the support, professionalism and kindness I have been shown during my journey with Venteon.  I’m very grateful.


Sarah has been very helpful throughout this entire process (interviewing and onboarding) and was able to keep me updated on everything I needed to know in a timely fashion. I was given excellent information regarding the role that I eventually accepted and she utilized tact and consideration when handling personal matters with me and was able to work with me in order to proceed forward in an efficient manner.


I am writing to thank you for the opportunity to work with Venteon during my last assignment. Through every step your company representatives were professional, courteous, and kept me informed. Most of all, my paycheck was correct and never late! Again, I am appreciative of the excellent care and service you provided me.


My experience with Venteon was exceptional. From the initial contact of requesting to interview me, all the way to providing me with an acceptance of employment. Venteon surpassed my expectations in all areas of the employment during my on boarding process. Venteon’s representative Jamie kept me informed of updates throughout the hiring process and followed up with me monthly to see how things were progressing once I obtained employment. I highly recommend Venteon as the best company when seeking employment opportunities.


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