Job Seeker Testimonials

The Venteon team is top notch. They assist you in finding a position that you would be a good fit. They kept me notified and updated. Very glad I have had the opportunity to work with their team.


Staff are always available to answer any questions/concerns. Really enjoy working with all of you !!!


Cameron, Courtney and Maggie were a great help and I thought the process was smooth and simple. I greatly appreciate it!


I am very satisfied with Paul Pirrone, Courtney & Maggie’s work. They work in a friendly & efficient way.


I am thankful, that you help me to find a job.


This entire experience has been life changing and awesome. Thank you all so much for this opportunity and I really mean it. You all changed my life at a time where the pandemic still looms over our bodies. We never know what will happen next but it’s a wonderful feeling whenever anyone comes in contact with great people such as yourselves that God has made. You all are truly my blessing 🙌 Thank you!


The Venteon Team – Sarah, Jamie, Adam for recruiting – assisted me to reconnect into an excellent career move. They were thoughtful, caring and presented multiple opportunities.


Great company, and positive environment. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Sarah is the best 👌 👍


Venteon was absolutely instrumental and very helpful for finding me a very good fit direct hire job at a very rapid pace. I worked with both Kathy and Sarah and they were excellent to speak with and work with! If I were someone looking for any type of job placement I would definitely get a hold of Venteon!

Great services and an overall great experience working with them!

Sarah is a fantastic person to work with! Most Recruiting agencies just bombard me with emails and text messages, what got my attention was Sarah took the time to call me, that alone is why I gave Venteon my time to hear what they had to say and I’m glad that I did.  She is incredibly resourceful and worked closely with me throughout the entire process, on both a professional and personal level, she is truly a class act.  Unlike any other hiring agency, she was there through the entire transition process guiding me through one of the biggest and toughest decisions in my career.  I can’t express my appreciation enough!

Thank you, Sarah, and thank you Venteon.


Sarah is a fantastic person to work with!! She is incredibly resourceful and can work with you throughout the job search process (Especially during your ups and downs). Unlike many other hiring agencies, Sarah worked through my struggles, helped me find positions, maintained contact, and provided the necessary motivation! She worked with me through many battles and is knowledgeable about resolving issues.

Unlike any other hiring agency, she provided me with resources that helped smooth the transition process; Sarah feels like a mentor! Venteon also provides great newsletters offering insights and learning that would give great information.

Sarah, Thank you very much!!!!


Venteon was literally a godsend. I have an accounting/finance background with two degrees. I had been looking for employment for about three weeks. I was getting interviews but no solid employment. My recruiter, Cameron Roth, reached out to me and RELENTLESSLY tried to secure me a role in finance/accounting based on my strong background. I kept being met with disappointment after disappointment but Cameron continued to call every single day with new opportunities and encouragement. In my darkest times of self-doubt after constant rejection it was Cameron’s daily interaction with me that helped me persist and power through from a professional perspective. I’ll always be grateful for the experience I had with Venteon.


It has been a pleasure working with the Venteon team over the past year plus.  The client care is exceptional and because of that, I was matched with a company and a team of professionals that I have the pleasure of working with on a permanent basis now.  I found a new work family and I didn’t think that would happen again.  I appreciate all of the support, professionalism and kindness I have been shown during my journey with Venteon.  I’m very grateful.


Sarah has been very helpful throughout this entire process (interviewing and onboarding) and was able to keep me updated on everything I needed to know in a timely fashion. I was given excellent information regarding the role that I eventually accepted and she utilized tact and consideration when handling personal matters with me and was able to work with me in order to proceed forward in an efficient manner.


I am writing to thank you for the opportunity to work with Venteon during my last assignment. Through every step your company representatives were professional, courteous, and kept me informed. Most of all, my paycheck was correct and never late! Again, I am appreciative of the excellent care and service you provided me.


My experience with Venteon was exceptional. From the initial contact of requesting to interview me, all the way to providing me with an acceptance of employment. Venteon surpassed my expectations in all areas of the employment during my on boarding process. Venteon’s representative Jamie kept me informed of updates throughout the hiring process and followed up with me monthly to see how things were progressing once I obtained employment. I highly recommend Venteon as the best company when seeking employment opportunities.


I am very thankful to have been employed by Venteon because they gave me the skills and knowledge to successfully place me in a position within a company that has room for growth. Venteon’s recruiters would contact me occasionally to follow up and make sure everything was going well. I would recommend Venteon to anyone in search of a job as they will do everything in their power to find your dream job.


Venteon is a great organization. They identify the skills and abilities of an individual and then make every possible effort in proper utilization of those abilities in Industry, polishing it even further. The whole Venteon team take each and every issue into account and work with you for the rectification of those issues. I was properly guided through every step and they assisted me to improve and optimize myself as a professional. I personally cannot thank Venteon enough in words for all their efforts and opportunity in my career.


After contracting through Venteon Technical for over 5 years, I am very impressed by the great crew on staff and the unmatched access to provide quality staffing positions with very reputable companies. As team players themselves they are attentive and prompt in going to work for the many people they serve.


Recently, I had the pleasure of working closely with one of Venteon’s outstanding recruiters in their Finance Search Practice. He was highly professional, thoughtful and persistent with the client, as well as ready to work with me to prepare for my interviews. His skill and tenacity ultimately helped me land a dream job. I appreciated his candor, feedback and assistance during the negotiation process. Altogether, he facilitated a win-win for me and my new employer.


I want to thank Venteon for this great new career opportunity that they have given me. My Technical Recruiter and Venteon worked very hard to get this for me. They were very professional, responsive to me and did an amazing job. I and my family thank them for all their hard work.


I want to thank Venteon for all their support and help. I had no complaints about working for Venteon, by far the best Staffing Agency I have worked for.


Employer Testimonials

On the behalf of our Company, please accept my gratitude for your unwavering support Shane.  The Tech Support recruitment was quite an endeavour, and your professionalism and efficiency were very reassuring for us.  Venteon is for sure a trustful company towards which we won’t be shy to reach out.

Looking forward to working with you in the future.   Again, thanks for everything you have done for us.


I’m really impressed with the candidates Venteon has sourced for us and Shane’s support – we’ll continue to expand our business relationship.


Working with Venteon Technical has been a great experience. The staff at Venteon is very professional and willing to work with you to find the exact candidate profiles that you are looking for. They are timely in their searches and provide constant feedback of where the process stands. If you are looking for top notch service and great candidates, I recommend working with Venteon.


Over the past three years Venteon has provided a tremendous amount of support in helping me find professionals with accounting and finance backgrounds. The recruiter I work with puts a lot of emphasis on making sure the candidates he recommends meet his clients expectations in regards to technical and interpersonal abilities. Additionally, Venteon has taken the time to understand our organization and team dynamics, which has resulted in hires that have become important members of our team.


A number of our top performing employees came to us through Venteon on contract-to-direct positions. They have taken the time to understand our business and consistently present candidates that align strongly with our needs. They are a valued partner.