Emerging Trends in IT Skills: What to Look for in 2024 and Beyond

As you gear up for 2024, it’s essential that your IT team is ready. This means everyone on that team stays relevant and up-to-date in their specialty fields, so your company stays ahead of the competitive curve.

To achieve this goal, you need to be aware of the top emerging skills in today’s tech industry, so you can hire for success and nurture and retain top tech talent.

What to Look for in 2024

Look for flexibility, agility, and current knowledge in these areas:

AI and Machine Learning

Skills in these areas are revolutionizing how businesses successfully solve problems and make the right decisions. Look for IT professionals with a strong understanding of algorithms, neural networks, and natural language processing.

Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Cyberattacks continue to be on the rise in virtually every industry. The smartest companies are hiring tech pros who can effectively identify vulnerabilities, prevent unauthorized access, and respond to related incidents promptly.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

In these realms, digital worlds blend seamlessly with people’s physical surroundings and change how they interact. To stay ahead of this curve, you need IT team members who clearly grasp such skills as 3D modeling, user experience and interaction design, hardware engineering and integration, head-mounted displays, and haptic feedback devices.

IoT and Connected Devices

The Internet of Things and connected devices have simplified everyday tasks, giving people access to real-time decision-making in areas including smart homes, wearables, and automated systems. The tech superstars of 2024 need the skills to design, develop, and manage IoT systems. In addition, look for expertise in edge computing, which enables the processing and analysis of data closer to its source, versus, transmitting everything back to centralized servers.

Blockchain Technology

This technology has made data transactions more secure and transparent than ever before. As you build your IT team, seek out candidates knowledgeable about consensus algorithms, smart contracts, and distributed ledgers. Also, look for proficiency in various programming languages.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the on-demand delivery of IT resources via the Internet. An invaluable skill for cloud pros is the mastery of serverless architectures, which erase the need to manage servers by automatically allocating resources based on application needs. Seek out developers who can build apps designed for cloud environments.

Advanced Analytics and Big Data

As your business continues to generate massive amounts of data, you will fall by the wayside unless your IT team can manage it all and extract needed insights from it. Your IT hires should be adept at the tools that facilitate data processing, analysis, visualization, and storage. Also critical is a mastery of such techniques as predictive modeling and sentiment analysis, which help extract actionable insights from complex datasets.

Looking for Top IT Talent?

Venteon Partners can help you find and retain the IT pros you need to carry your business successfully through and beyond 2024.  We’ll assist as you take on new challenges, streamline operations, launch new technologies, and increase capabilities. Give us a shout today to learn more.

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