How Staffing Agencies Can Help Ease the Talent Shortage

As employers address their ongoing engineering talent needs, an increasingly popular and effective solution is partnering with a staffing agency that specializes in hiring for accounting, tech and engineering jobs. The right agency can help you find qualified candidates quickly and work with you on onboarding them and, if necessary, managing them throughout their employment with your company.

Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits:

You speed up your hiring process – and time is money.

No one benefits from a slow recruitment process. Business-critical jobs open can wreak havoc on project deliverables, customer service, and employee morale. And the best candidates will not wait around while you make a long, drawn-out hiring decision. Staffing agencies understand this reality. They have a pulse on the industry and your competition and prioritize collaboration and communication with everyone involved to help ensure efficient, effective recruiting results.

  • If you calculate how valuable a good employee is to your company, it puts the cost of hiring a staffing agency into perspective. Your agency partner will manage the entire employment process, including testing and screenings, background checks, and drug screenings. Most importantly, they will help ensure a good skill and cultural fit, which can help minimize bad hires.

An agency’s network offers access to a wide range of talent – including passive candidates.

Staffing agencies have established relationships with active and passive candidates- the latter being those who are not actively job-seeking but can be recruited with the right offer and approach. They may not be on your radar screen but they are part of a good agency’s network. Whether your staffing needs are seasonal, part-time, permanent, or on a project-to-project basis, your agency can tap into its talent pool to meet them.

  • In meeting all your requirements, your agency partner will ensure that the candidates they provide have the right soft skills and technical abilities for a role. A few examples are leadership, teamwork, and communication – all essential in leading engineering jobs.

You can try it before you buy.

Often, a practical option to pursue when working with a staffing agency is hiring employees temporarily to meet your current needs and observe their performance, qualifications, and work habits over some time – before offering them a permanent position if you like what you see. This is another practical step in reducing new hire turnover.

Find Your Next Superstar!

At Venteon, our recruiters understand your business needs. Our focus is helping companies find professionals tailor-fit to your company, giving your business the resources you need to meet critical project deadlines, take on new initiatives, reach your long-term goals, and increase productivity. Contact us today to learn more.

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