Top Tools and Resources for IT Professionals

Countless products assist IT professionals as they advance their skill sets and build their careers. Which ones are worth your investment?

Select the tools and resources specific to your business needs as you decide. And in today’s world, it’s advisable to choose those that offer mobile app features, so you can always stay connected, see real-time business updates, and keep your tasks on track.

Tools for IT Professionals

Here’s a selection to get your juices flowing as you choose which products are suitable for you:


The task management program Asana makes simplifies the process of creating, assigning, and tracking tasks and managing group projects from your desktop or smartphone. IT pros can use Asana to keep their deployments on track and plan and execute new tech installations. It can also be used to collect and track help desk requests.


Evernote is an online note-taking app that allows you to organize your notes into digital notebooks and attach relevant files, images, emails, and other content. It links with Microsoft apps, Google Workspace, Slack, and other readily used apps. A wide range of Evernote’s tools, including more advanced ones, are available to free users.

Google Workspace

Formerly G Suite, Google Workspace provides real-time doc, sheets, and slide collaboration, eliminating the need to download and upload multiple files. Among Google Workspace’s most popular features are shared calendars and the ability to schedule meetings with automatic email invitations, turn a discussion into a videoconference from any camera-enabled device, and share screen capability, so you and your team members can make decisions on the spot.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow offers such an extensive database of problems and solutions that you rarely have to do much research elsewhere. If you search for an answer to your IT problem, chances are a wide range of other professionals have raised the same issue – and solutions are available on Stack Overflow. You can access well-curated batches of resolutions and filter answers to fit your specific needs using Watched/Ignored tags.


To take control of your work time and breaks – start by ensuring that you take breaks – utilize Stretchly to provide reminders. It can notify you that it’s time to stretch and possibly change tasks, and thus help enhance your overall productivity. It can even be used as a Pomodoro timer. At any time, you can view the details of upcoming breaks, including the time and type.


Tableau’s analytics platform makes it easier to explore and manage data. More than a million users in the Tableau community are from organizations worldwide. Tableau is a data visualization tool: its technology supports complex computations, data blending, and dashboarding to deliver valuable insights.


The Chrome plug-in Wappalyzer lets you quickly scan the tools and frameworks your clients use on their websites and in their e-shops – even before your initial meeting.

Boost Your Productivity with Tech Tools

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