Breaking Barriers and Shattering Glass Ceilings: Honoring Mothers Who Have Paved the Way

May is a welcome month for various reasons – among them, the annual celebration of Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of the month. In the working world, it’s a good time to learn a bit more about the evolving role and ongoing challenges, as well as the awesome contributions made and examples set by working mothers.

Celebrating Working Mothers and their Accomplishments

Working Motherhood Throughout the Years

The percentage of women in the workforce has ebbed and flowed over time. Numerous reports detailed these changes from the 18th century when women played a more critical role in the economy than most people think through today.

It hasn’t always been easy, but on a positive note, research has also shown that seeing their mother work outside the home allows children to see that those contributions are valuable, admirable, and positive influences on their lives.

Seeking Balance: Challenges and Solutions

Working mothers live with the constant guilt of balancing their careers with child raising. This is true of fathers as well, but as women, moms in the workforce are often already at a disadvantage regarding their salaries and, in some environments, how they are perceived or treated simply because of their gender. Even in 2023, the old boys’ school of thought still hasn’t completely disappeared from the boardroom, the front office, the management or patient care team, or the factory frontline.

Employers must focus on providing work/life balance for all their employees, regardless of their gender and whether or not they have children. Working moms, in particular, are more likely to deal day in and day out with the following:

  • The struggle to find quality childcare.
  • Navigating the social dynamics of the workplace.
  • Coping with myriad emotional demands as they feel pulled in different directions.
  • Finding quality time with their children or themselves to recharge and stay productive.

Offering flexible schedules and remote or hybrid work options can often be the solution working parents need to stay on the tightrope between meeting job requirements and family demands. Happy employees are productive employees, and nothing threatens happiness more than feeling as though one has been disappointed or is anxious due to being separated from their children. Other helpful benefits – not surprisingly in high demand among today’s job candidates – include on-site childcare facilities and flexible spending accounts to help cover related costs.

Working Mothers Play an Important Role in Businesses

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