Beyond Tax Season: Why Hiring the Right Tax Professionals for Business Needs is a Year-Round Strategy

How do you find and hire the best tax specialists for your company?

In April, taxes are top of mind as businesses and customers deal with the deadline pressure that culminates on Monday the 17th, Tax Day this year. But your smartest strategy is to have strong talent in place and, ideally, strong candidates in your hiring pipeline, so you’re never between a rock and a hard place when filling these critical roles.

Hiring the Right Tax Professional Matters

Required Skills and Qualifications

While every organization has unique needs, knowing which general skills are required and which are preferred comes in handy when hiring tax professionals. Generally speaking:

  • You want to hire professionals with specialized tax knowledge, excellent organizational skills, and a strong code of ethics.
  • Required skills start with at least a few years of experience in public accounting and tax planning and preparation. They also include exceptional analytical and problem-solving strengths, communication and interpersonal abilities, strong attention to detail, and registration or licensure with applicable agencies.
  • Preferred skills include a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in accounting or finance, professional certification in the United States; this means being a certified public accountant or CPA – and experience in representing tax preparers at administrative proceedings.

It would be best if you had your tax pros consistently complete all filings before the deadline, use their knowledge to maximize benefits and deductions, build relationships and encourage new business, and educate others on best practices for tax preparation, filing, and record-keeping.

The Steps Involved

Finding and following up on solid referrals, job boards, advertising, screening and interviewing candidates, and making the right final selection are among the key steps in hiring the right tax professionals. As you complete the selection process, ask yourself if you’re confident in your preferred candidates. Will you be 100 percent comfortable working with them? Are they ready to bat for you in front of the IRS and ultimately protect your business from a financial and reputational standpoint?

You can’t afford a bad hire.

The cost of a bad hire can be staggering. So, as you look to hire the right tax professional for your business, expertise, and service can make all the difference. Partner with Venteon Finance for a team that speaks your language, understands your business and its unique needs and delivers consistently great results. Contact us today to learn more.

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