Honoring the Backbone of Every Organization on Administrative Professionals Day

The big day is Wednesday, April 26, and the full week runs from April 23rd through the 29th – and even though administrative professionals deserve support and recognition year-round, this is a great time to celebrate their achievements, value, and contributions to your business.

The Important Roles of Administrative Professionals

The role of the administrative professional – like business itself – continues to evolve.

Administrative Professionals Day began as National Secretaries Day back in 1952. In seven-plus decades, the role of these valuable staff members, the name of this annual recognition, and how it’s observed has evolved with the times. What hasn’t changed is the purpose behind this annual celebration: to shed light on and recognize the myriad contributions of devoted administrative professionals.

Gone are the days when the job was about filing papers, answering phones, and scheduling meetings – though these tasks remain an important part of many administrative professionals’ job descriptions. Then and now, they’re often the go-to persons who have their fingers on the pulse of what’s going on and what’s on the upcoming agenda within an organization. But today, they also need first-rate technical and planning skills and adeptness in cloud-based apps, social media, and database and website management. Typically also in the mix are strong written and verbal communication abilities, customer service, specific industry knowledge, financial savvy, and, last but not least, initiative. So, yes, their ongoing recognition is undoubtedly well deserved.

Support and recognize your administrative professionals.

Here are some ideas to consider as you show support for your administrative professionals:

  • Appropriately acknowledge their contributions. Whenever you recognize any employee, tailor your actions to what they would appreciate most. While some people are fine with big, public splashes – such as a shout-out at a company-wide meeting or broadcast in your organizational media – for others, a simple, kind word is all that’s needed. Recognition that makes people feel uncomfortable defeats the entire purpose and can worsen matters.
  • Give them some time off. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Some additional personal time to relax and unwind may be just what your busy administrative professional needs.
  • Offer new learning opportunities. Help your admin expand their professional skills and stay abreast of the latest technology and best practices in their field. Offer reimbursement for educational programs and training. The result will be a win for you, your company, and your employee.
  • Surprise them with thoughtful gifts. Whether that recognition is public or private, include a gift tailored to its recipient. Not sure what would work? Try a gift card to their favorite restaurant or tickets to their favorite theater or sports performance.
  • Spread the word about #AdminProfessionalsDay. Let this hashtag run on your social media.

Be sure Administrative Professionals Day is on Your Calendar!

Recognizing and supporting all your team members is critical to your successful leadership capabilities and winning corporate culture. For additional guidance on making this happen throughout the year, contact Venteon today.

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