How to Source and Screen Candidates for Technical Positions

Tech recruitment keeps getting increasingly competitive, with significantly more job openings than the quantity of available talent. As a result, sourcing and screening in this area is one of the biggest challenges for today’s business leaders and hiring managers.

This includes selling your opportunities and employer brand to passive and active candidates. Since most tech pros aren’t actively seeking new jobs, the challenge becomes even more daunting.

But all is not lost. With the right planning, strategy, and support, you can successfully source, screen, and land the tech talent you need to keep your company on track.

How to Find Quality Tech Candidates

Perfect your hiring process.

Start with a plan. Know exactly what your tech hiring needs are, and be sure they align with your company’s overall business plan. For instance:

  • Do you anticipate upcoming growth? If so, how many new tech hires will your company need – and by when?
  • Regardless of whether growth is on your radar, what are your company and its various business units or departments looking for in terms of job requirements?

Focus on your brand.

Tech specialists are in high demand, so they can pick and choose which companies they want to work for. With this in mind, ensure your organization has a clear, recognizable, and positive brand. Because before a candidate will even consider working for you, they will read reviews and turn to their professional contacts to find out what it’s like to work for you.

  • Show off your company culture and the unique perks of joining your team. Make sure your brand messaging is consistent across all job boards, social and traditional media, and career sites, whether it’s an industry-leading pay structure, start-up stock options, or the ultimate in work/life balance and flexibility.

Provide an exceptional candidate experience.

Hand in hand with your employer’s brand and image is the positive experience you provide to each candidate in contention for your tech and other roles.

  • Include tech team members on your hiring team. This will allow prospective hires to get to know their potential team members and vice versa.
  • Strive for optimal efficiency in hiring. If you keep top talent waiting for a response or an offer, chances are high that they’ll abandon their interest in your job and go elsewhere. So, move your process along as quickly as possible without cutting any key corners. And stay in touch with candidates throughout so they know exactly where they stand.

Ready to Find Your Next Tech Candidate?

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