How to Choose the Right Staffing Agency for Your Business

Recruiting the right talent to fill your open jobs is a top priority as a business leader or HR manager, as it should be. After all, your people are your greatest asset – and your hiring decisions can make or break your success.

But there are only so many hours a day – and you may need a qualified business partner to support your current and ongoing staffing needs. This is especially true in today’s competitive, candidate-driven marketplace.

Here are some key guidelines for finding the right staffing agency for your business and its unique needs:

Tips for Choosing The Right Staffing Agency

Assess and be clear about your staffing needs.

Before moving ahead with plans to consider staffing agencies, make sure you know exactly what your hiring needs are and will be. Of course, predicting every potential change or development is impossible, but work with your management team and other stakeholders to develop a footprint that aligns with your company’s overall business plan. Then, be prepared to communicate clearly about your business, your culture, and the kinds of professionals who would succeed under your roof.

Understand an agency’s recruitment process.

Know an agency’s candidate selection approach and the tools and resources they use. Does it all work for you?

  • How is talent sourced? Successful recruiting is more than just posting positions on job boards and sifting through resumes. The best staffing agencies know where to find and engage the best talent via their robust networks and the latest technology, media, and internal databases.
  • Find out how an agency screens candidates. Are they thorough enough when it comes to reference checking and verifications? Then, determine how long it typically takes for qualified candidates to be presented to you.

Research an agency’s track record and fit with your organization.

Choose a staffing partner with a proven record of excellent placements in your industry. Ask for client references and set aside time to speak with them.

  • Make sure your values align. When you sit with a staffing agency to assess their fit with your company, discuss your expectations and vision and be sure their values mesh seamlessly with yours. Just as cultural fit is important in hiring employees, it’s critical when selecting a staffing agency.
  • Specialization is key. Make sure your agency knows your business and your industry. One tactic is to check for active involvement in relevant trade groups and professional associations. Then take it from there. You know what skills and qualifications your employees need. Make sure your future recruiters do, too.

Ready to Work with a Staffing Agency?

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