Fill Accounting and Finance Job Vacancies with These Tips

There’s a shortage of qualified talent in the accounting and finance arenas: it’s a candidate-driven market. But with the right strategy in place, you can successfully fill your business critical positions in these areas with hires who will add value and contribute to your ongoing growth.

Focus on your employment brand.

This is recruitment marketing encompassing the entirety of the employment experience at your company. It describes your reputation as a place to work, as well as your employee value proposition.

  • To attract top talent, make sure your brand resonates with them. Build the content on your social channels around this message, and be sure your website and careers page accurately reflect your company culture.

Use digital avenues to communicate with desired candidates.

Today’s typical accounting and finance professionals have integrated various technical platforms and digital tools into their everyday communication. Use these media to connect and build relationships with both passive and active prospects.

Promote from within.

Look at the superstars or diamonds in the rough who are already on your team. Keep them fulfilled via growth and development opportunities including a shot at promotions. This benefits you as well, since they will adapt more quickly and you’ll preserve valuable institutional knowledge. Then backfill their jobs.

Offer competitive compensation packages.

Be prepared to offer salary and benefit packages that are deal breakers, as candidates weigh your opportunity against those of your competition. There’s no one-size-fits-all here. Get to know each individual enough to determine what they want and need. There’s always room for negotiation but basically, if they’re worth it, make it happen.

Write effective job descriptions.

When crafting job descriptions, strike a balance. Be specific while not being so exacting as to alienate anyone. Outline in detail the skills and qualifications you’re looking for – but think hard about which ones are must haves versus nice to haves. You can dig deeper once you’ve converted a candidate into an actual applicant.

Interview for both hard and soft skills.

Here’s where things get real as you narrow down the field toward your final hiring decision. Today’s best professionals have a strong balance of technical and interpersonal strengths. So, when interviewing, ask questions that give you a good sense of both. This will require a mixture of specific industry and job related inquiries and behavioral questions to gauge teamwork, confidence, work ethic, communication skills and more.

Check references.

You need an efficient hiring process, but don’t cut corners. This includes checking professional references for your short list of potential hires. This will help you round out your understanding of their professional qualifications, attributes and personality. You can also gain more insight into their contributions to previous employers.

Contact Venteon today to find the qualified professionals you need to continue on your business growth path and optimize your ROI. Let us tell you more about our proactive, specialized approach to talent acquisition including our division devoted exclusively to accounting and finance recruitment.

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