Tips For Conducting Performance Reviews

To ensure the ongoing success of your team, it’s important to start with regular, detailed check-ups of each team member. These reviews help enhance workflow, control costs, and solidify lasting client relationships and quality of service. The information gleaned from performance reviews also helps evaluate strengths and weaknesses and define the best ways to improve their deliverables.

What’s the best way to make all this happen?

The magic is in the metrics.

Determining which metrics you should use for optimal performance review results is critical. Generally, these include:

● Productivity: defining how fast the employee can perform their responsibilities with minimal critical error margin.
● Work quality: analyzing an employee’s expertise and professionalism based on the jobs they have completed.
● Teamwork: getting a read on an employee’s ability to not only be a subject matter expert, but also relate to their colleagues and help one another grow as professionals.

In a nutshell, your goal is to determine whether an individual continues to add value to your business in general and, more specifically, to their projects and team objectives as well as customer and coworker relationships.

Additional Tips for Success

In addition to nailing the metrics, here are some tips for successful performance reviews:

● In addition to overall quality of work, productivity and teamwork, drill down as you set more specific review criteria. Think number of tasks completed and projects completed.
● Look closely at speed. Great employees not only provide excellent quality of work, but do so accurately and on time.
● Assess communication skills. How is an employee interacting with their team members to ensure consistent productive workflow? As a team member, they should be actively involved in discussing ideas, brainstorming solutions, and working with their counterparts to troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Conducting effective performance reviews can be challenging. But the contribution of subject matter experts who know the industry inside and out can make a critical difference.

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