This Essential Soft Skill is Often Overlooked in Engineering Careers

Of course, any successful engineering career requires a healthy mix of technical and scientific talent, combined with meaningful experience. However, certain soft skills also help to differentiate the best engineers with those just possessing the title. For example, exceptional verbal and written communication skills play an essential role in building a successful career in engineering.

Any engineer benefits from being able to explain complex technical topics to clients and non-technical coworkers. This critical skill also matters when crafting documentation or perhaps an article for a trade magazine. In short, honing your communication skills ultimately helps you build a rewarding career in the engineering field.

Why Verbal Communication Skills Matter For Engineers

An engineering career sometimes requires meeting with clients or others without a deep understanding of technical concepts. These situations require an engineer with the skills to explain high-end technologies to the layperson. Being able to do so effectively without talking down to their audience helps when making a positive impression.

The audience ultimately might be a business stakeholder, customer, or even a government official. In either case, communicating with confidence adds a measure of credibility to that engineer’s employer. It’s why companies that hire engineering candidates increasingly vet a candidate’s speaking ability during the interview.

While public speaking or strong verbal communication skills seem innate, consider training to boost your abilities in this area. If a Toastmasters chapter exists in your area, a membership makes perfect sense. This group champions the practice of public speaking to businesspeople in multiple industries. It provides a great option to boost confidence in your own verbal communication abilities.

Top Engineers Also Boast Excellent Written Communication Skills

A great engineer typically boasts top-shelf written communication skills in addition to their speaking ability. Again, the ability to explain highly technical concepts in an easy to read and understand manner differentiates great engineers. This includes everything from writing articles in a trade magazine or website to crafting project specifications and related documentation.

Honing great writing skills as an engineer takes practice and possibly a technical writing course or two. However, the benefits are numerous. Writing intriguing articles in an engineering magazine helps position an engineer as a thought leader in the industry. Starting an engineering blog also provides a resource to attract notice and build a robust professional network. In short, they benefit your career.

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