Is Smart Manufacturing Technology the Future of Manufacturing?

It is no secret that the shortage of skilled workers is one of the most challenging aspects of conducting business. Now, we add the pandemic to the mix and the situation becomes even more complicated.

Younger generations are drawn to a technologically advanced workplace. Although smart manufacturing can achieve many things, it cannot operate without consistency, accountability, and communication – both between human and machine. Despite technology adoption, employee and leadership obstacles cause organizational challenges across the board: The current shortage of workers has impacted employees and leaders alike:

1.) Difficulty finding skilled employees
2.) Training current employees on updated processes
3.) Increased dependency on automation
4.) Employee Retention
5.) Aging Workforce

1.) Lack of continuity
2.) Lack of accountability
3.) Lack of communication
4.) Inability to keep up with a changing market
5.) Poor organization within leadership
6.) Leadership siloed by departments
7.) Resistance to change

It then becomes important to ask, how can manufacturers find and retain the best people for their organizations in this current economic climate, and support them in becoming the leaders of tomorrow?

IT roles especially are among the hardest to fill globally. The IT industry is addressing this issue by engaging both innovation and technology, to equip employees to be in the best possible position for the future. Change is imperative, especially as remote and hybrid work spread, and cloud technology becomes more popular.

Cloud technology has eased the hiring process, provided continuity, mitigated risks, and allowed skilled workers to access data from wherever they are. We no longer have the luxury of being satisfied with “good enough” and the global changes have clearly exposed this truth. These changes are helping smart manufacturing organizations prevent, address, and solve major business challenges and growth obstacles, including unexpected complications and developments.

Is smart manufacturing technology truly the answer to the industry’s biggest challenges? If it is, why aren’t more companies adopting it?

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