4 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

A detailed and up to date LinkedIn profile remains a key part of any successful career. This golden rule applies to engineers, accountants, and technology professionals. It essentially serves as an online version of your résumé. Ultimately, your LinkedIn account helps interested companies find you when they need to add talent.

With a goal of building a resource to highlight your professional life, this advice helps improve your LinkedIn profile. A robust online presence serves to attract interested companies looking to new hires. It also facilitates building a professional network that provides value until your retirement day.

A LinkedIn Profile Photo is a Must

According to a recent study, LinkedIn profiles with photos are viewed 14 times more than those without. So if you want your profile to make a significant impact on your career, upload a profile photo. Be sure to use a professional head shot, as opposed to something more casual. Remember, you want to make a positive first impression on potential new connections.

Write an Effective Headline and Summary for Your Profile

In addition to a photo, a LinkedIn profile without a headline and summary simply seems unfinished. Ultimately, you must use every opportunity to help your profile attract interested companies and fellow colleagues. The headline gives you 120 characters to highlight yourself as a professional. Also consider using a hot keyword to boost your profile’s SEO.

The summary lets you go into more detail about your professional brand. Again, leverage this opportunity to include a few keywords to help others find your account. In the end, it remains a great strategy for building your professional network and finding new job opportunities.

Always Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Updated

Whenever starting a new job, you immediately need to update your LinkedIn profile to reflect this change. Again, treating your profile like an online version of your résumé remains the right approach. Even consider adding other updates, like authoring an article when you complete a successful project using a new technology. Also update it when you learn a new skill or earn a certification relevant to your career.

Use Your LinkedIn Profile to Become a Thought Leader

As mentioned in that last tip, LinkedIn provides a platform for you to write articles relevant to your profession. Regularly posting new articles attracts an audience, and gradually positions yourself as a thought leader in your field. Needless to say, this remains a great strategy for building a successful professional life.

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