The Importance in Developing an Employer Brand

Needless to say, the competition for engineering, technology, and financial talent remains fierce. The Great Resignation also contributes to a job market favoring candidates, as employees look elsewhere for new opportunities. In this scenario, your company must try to build a compelling employer brand to attract the candidates you need.

With a goal of hiring the best and brightest, let’s look at how to build an effective employer brand. Use these insights to stand out from your competition when recruiting talented professionals in a challenging market. In the end, this approach ultimately makes your company’s staffing process more effective, productive, and successful.

The Modern Candidate Deeply Researches Companies Before Applying

According to a recent LinkedIn survey of job seekers, over half of respondents research a company’s online presence. This reason makes providing a common brand across your website, LinkedIn page, and other social media accounts critical. You want to ensure interested candidates remember your organization when it comes time to begin applying for open positions.

Additionally, the company’s marketing staff responsible for managing your website and social media accounts need to provide consistent messaging. Ensure your posts, job descriptions, and other communications offer insights on your company culture.

Remember that office culture remains a leading contributor to attracting interested candidates. A welcoming tone ultimately serves to draw attention to your business from potential new employees.

Engage Your Employees as Ambassadors of The Company Brand

The same LinkedIn study noted respondents trusted a company’s employees three times more than the company regarding working there. Use this data to your advantage by engaging employees to serve as ambassadors for the company brand. Of course, this ask becomes easier when your business offers a welcoming culture with strong employee morale.

Encourage your staff to be friendly with potential candidates connecting with them on LinkedIn and social media. Even offering referral bonuses serves as a great way to attract passive candidates. Having a strong employer brand helps in this effort, making it easier to source the talent you need.

Regularly Provide Insights on The Employee Experience

Ensure your HR and/or marketing teams regularly offer insights on what it’s like working for your organization. Insights into the employee experience make up a critical piece of any effective employer brand. In the end, it provides your business with the means to successfully add talent whenever necessary.

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