Consider This When Deciding Between an Accounting or Finance Career

You always enjoyed math and working with numbers ever since your days in elementary school. Now as an emerging professional you have two options to forge a lucrative career path. The ultimate question involves deciding between a career as an accountant or becoming a financial professional.

So let’s look more closely at determining the right answer to this critical question about your professional life. We analyze the career paths both professions, including their opportunities for advancement. At this point, you become better prepared to make the right decision on what direction your career path takes.

Comparing Basic Personality Traits of an Accountant and Financial Professional

Ultimately, your personality might provide the best insight on choosing between an accounting or financial career. If you love working with numbers and spreadsheets with minimal interaction with clients, becoming an accountant makes perfect sense. On the other hand, financial analysts love managing accounts for clients and boast top notch communication skills. It’s also more of a public-facing role with a higher opportunity for lucrative pay through bonuses.

Typical Job Roles on The Accounting Career Path

Working as an accountant provides a host of intriguing job opportunities depending on your area of interest. Obviously, companies in all business sectors regularly need accounting talent. For example, if you love bourbon and other spirits, consider applying for an accountant job with a distillery. Additionally, taking this career path provides more flexibility when it comes time to look for a new job.

The typical job roles for an accountant change as you gain more experience. Entry-level professionals start out as a staff accountant. After a few years, expect to earn a promotion to a senior accountant role. Experience in this position qualifies you for becoming an accounting supervisor or manager if desiring a move into management. Many larger companies also have a director of accounting position.

Following The Financial Analyst Career Path

In a similar fashion as an accountant, financial analysts also enjoy new job roles as they become more experienced. Again, expect to start out with a financial analyst title; adding a senior designation after gaining some experience. After a few years as a senior financial analyst, the opportunity to move into a supervisory or management role exists. Becoming a director of finance ultimately caps off a rewarding career in finance.

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