3 Unique Careers in Engineering

The world of engineering remains host to a myriad of different disciplines, offering a multitude of potential career paths. Software engineering, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, and civil engineering only scratch the surface of the possibilities. In the end, leverage your imagination as a source to forge a lucrative professional life until your retirement day.

To provide a few examples, check out these unique engineering careers to spark some ideas on your own journey. Combining your technical skills, engineering discipline, and business insights lets you build something personal and unique. Ultimately, don’t let anything limit your dreams for building a bespoke professional life.

Become a Roller Coaster Engineer

The Roller Coaster Tycoon videogame let gamers craft their own coasters to attract customers to a virtual amusement park. However, if you thought coaster design boasted little potential as a career path, think again. Engineering roller coasters and other amusement rides actually exists as a real world job opportunity.

The job role is known as a ride engineer and it exists as a specialty within the mechanical engineering field. So if this sounds like the career of your dreams, earn a degree in mechanical engineering. Companies like Cedar Fair and Six Flags regularly need ride engineers. Even Disney hires for this job role, known as Imagineers, using Walt’s preferred nomenclature.

Build Your Own SimCity

Of course, civil engineering enjoys a status as a time-honored engineering discipline. These engineers design roads, bridges, aqueducts, and other similar projects across the globe. If you spent hours playing SimCity or similar videogames, a civil engineer might be the career opportunity for you.

Simply earn a degree in civil engineering to begin a unique professional journey. Perhaps you might design an important bridge or highway at some point in your career?

The Final Frontier of Space Engineering

Needless to say, designing a rocket ship remains an intriguing prospect for anyone looking at an engineering career. Not surprisingly, space engineering is a natural evolution of aeronautic engineering. If interested, simply focus on space opportunities after earning a degree in aeronautic or other similar engineering discipline.

Even if you don’t work on spaceships, a host of related jobs exist with NASA, SpaceX, or similar companies. Additionally, earning an advanced degree in engineering after a bachelor’s in mathematics or physics helps qualify for these positions.

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