What Time of The Year Should You Look For Work?

So you feel stuck in your current position and want to explore other opportunities for a lucrative new position. However, you wonder if late spring offers a robust number of available jobs? In fact, what time of the year makes the most sense for beginning a new job search? 

So let’s take a closer look at an underexplored issue related to finding work. Of course, depending on your current scenario, you might want to find a new position sooner than later. Use these following insights to provide a sense of timeliness to your next job search. 

The New Year Offers The Most Job Opportunities

It’s not surprising that January and February remain great times to look for work. As companies begin their year, they typically enjoy the budgetary space to add new employees. Additionally, with many hiring managers back from the holiday season, they might have a backlog of open positions.

However, don’t send out résumés on the first Monday after the New Year. Instead, wait one week to allow companies to ramp up their operations after returning from holiday vacations. In the end, these first two months of the year might be the most bountiful time for job hunting. 

So What About Spring For a Job Search?

Springtime also remains a good time for looking for work. However, companies lack the fresh hiring budgets or job backlog as with the beginning of the year. Still, businesses feel some pressure to fill open positions before the summer vacation begins. So if you feel stuck in your position in late May, freshen up your résumé and begin your hunt! 

The Summer Doldrums

While hiring typically slows down during the summer, intriguing job opportunities still exist. This is especially the case for certain in-demand positions, like cybersecurity analysts or mobile developers. Ultimately, there’s little harm in sending out résumés, but expect less action compared to earlier in the year. 

September and October Remain a Great Time For Job Hunting

In a similar manner as after the New Year, September and October offer a robust number of job opportunities. Why? Because hiring managers hope to quickly fill positions after the summer vacation period ends.

Additionally, the end of year traditionally remains a slow time for job searching. However, less competition means you still might find a great new job. So keep this in mind before deciding whether or not to look.

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