Major Changes Faced by The Manufacturing Industry

Like most other business sectors, the manufacturing world also boasts a significant transformation since the dawn of this century. For example, the growth of 5G networking offers the potential to truly leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This innovation allows companies to optimize factory operations. Ultimately, because of the manufacturing industry’s rapid changes, engineers in this field must keep their skills up to date. 

This high-level overview of the evolving manufacturing industry offers insights on its current transformation. Leverage this information to develop relevant engineering skills and experience, improving your marketability and career outlook. It’s the best way to stay in demand as a candidate to industrial and manufacturing businesses. 

Automation is a Gamechanger in Manufacturing 

While various technology innovations help to modernize current factories, automation and robotics remain massive gamechangers in this sector. The statistics surrounding employment in manufacturing provide meaningful insight. In the 1940s, nearly one-third of Americans worked in some form of a factory. In the current economy, however, that amount decreased to less than nine percent.

Of course, this isn’t an example of robots taking away the jobs of humans. Instead, automation allows manufacturing companies to operate with higher efficiencies. Because of this evolution, the types of available positions focus more on technology roles compared to earlier eras 

Statistical data also reveals the benefits of automation for the American manufacturing industry. According to MarketWatch, the output of factories in this country remains on the rise.

Again, the increased use of robotics and other tech innovations help boost efficiency by automating repetitive tasks. Fewer mistakes made by these automated systems also increases output. Notably, this scenario boasts significant similarities to the use of automation in software development. Higher efficiencies remain a leading reason software shops increasingly adopt DevOps along with iterative development methodologies, like Agile. 

Other Changes Benefit Factory Operations

The evolution of manufacturing industry offers meaningful benefits for those working in this field. For example, enhanced safety regulations make factory work a safer proposition compared to earlier days. Other tech innovations also help in this regard, including drones and the increased use of augmented reality (AR) devices. IIoT devices and wearables also reveal the newfound reliance on state of the art tech in manufacturing. Ultimately, it’s a great time to build a rewarding career in this sector.

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