How to Get Noticed and Hired as an Entry Level Software Developer

The demand for software developers remains historically high as companies try to compete in the modern economy. Interesting work and multiple lucrative job opportunities exist for programmers of all experience levels. However, if you are new to the field, it becomes difficult to stand out among a crowd of candidates.

So check out this advice to help your chances of earning a job interview and eventually a job offer. Use these tips to craft a compelling résumé and practice your interviewing skills. Taking this proactive approach remains the best way to kick off a successful career in software development.

Learn The Latest in Software Development Technologies

When working a software engineer, the learning only ends on the day of your retirement. New technologies regularly come and go, and keeping your skills fresh ensures your marketability to new employers.

As an entry-level developer, you probably lack the experience of others in the field. Combat this situation by earning a few relevant certifications. Focus on the hottest tech innovations, like machine learning and data science. Consider volunteering on an open source project or for a charity to gain experience. This approach also helps you build a professional network.

Jes Osrow, an HR consultant, offered insights on the importance of learning for new developers. “The goal is to expand your awareness of new languages, frameworks, and tools,” explained Osrow.

Build an Online Portfolio of Software Projects

In addition to volunteering on open source projects, also build your own software leveraging the hottest technologies. For example, build and train a machine learning model, and put the source code and related data on GitHub. This approach serves to get you noticed while providing tangible experience of your emerging coding skills. Having a portfolio of code is a must when looking for developer positions with little experience working for businesses.

Craft a Compelling Résumé and Study it Before an Interview

Writing a clearly detailed résumé becomes crucial when trying to get noticed by hiring managers. Pepper your CV with keywords detailing the programming languages, development tools, and methodologies you understand. Since nearly all recruiters search for candidates using keywords on LinkedIn and other sites, it helps attract interest.

When you get an interview opportunity, closely study your résumé beforehand. This approach lets you answer questions about your skills clearly and confidently. It’s essential for earning a job offer.

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