Hiring Managers Want Engineers to Have These Soft Skills

When sourcing engineering candidates, companies typically look for engineers with a strong technical background and relevant experience. However, the well-rounded candidate ultimately stands a better chance of earning a coveted job offer. For this reason, it’s also important to possess a few crucial soft skills relevant to the open position.

With a goal of attracting interested companies to your candidacy, highlight the following soft skills on your résumé. It’s also important to mention them during an interview if you make it to the next step. Ultimately, this approach provides the best chance to position yourself as the right fit for their open position.

Engineers Need Intellectual Curiosity to Thrive

Like most other technology roles, curiosity remains a critical differentiator identifying the exceptional engineers. An affinity for learning new skills, technologies, and tools benefits any engineer throughout their career. It also informs other crucial soft skills, like problem solving, brainstorming, and troubleshooting.

Be sure to draw attention to this soft skill when applying for open engineering positions. Of course, explicitly stating it on your résumé makes sense. However, use the professional history section to go into more detail, describing your problem solving and other related skills. The cover letter also works for adding more detail supporting the contents of your résumé.

Accepting of Positive and Negative Feedback

Companies want their engineering professionals to be open to receiving feedback. Of course, this includes both positive feedback in addition to constructive criticism. Ximena Hartsock, a founder of the communications company Phone2Action, commented on the importance of engineers and feedback.

“You can have a wonderful employee but if they don’t respond to or provide feedback, they won’t grow within the organization,” mentioned Hartsock. Ultimately, timely feedback helps you truly develop your engineering skills. It’s critical when building a successful career.

Strong Communication Skills Are Vital

Arguably the most important soft skill no matter the job, communication remains crucial for success as a professional engineer. This includes both strong written and verbal communication abilities. They help you interact with your coworkers as well as clients and customers.

Writing comes into play when crafting engineering documentation or even clearly written emails and text messages. Verbal communication matters with your fellow engineers and technicians. Also being able to explain complex topics in a simplified fashion to clients or the public is critical.

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