How to Source The Right Accounting Talent For Your Company

Any business, no matter its size, depends on talented accounting professionals to help keep it on solid financial footing. However, sourcing these essential candidates becomes more difficult in a tight job market. Still, if your company lacks the necessary accountants on staff, the organization simply risks its profitability and eventual success.

With a goal of employing a full staff of accounting talent, check out the insights on sourcing these critical professionals. Use this advice to gain the financial information your business needs to operate efficiently while planning for the future. Simply stated, don’t fly blind when it comes to your corporate finances.

Offer Referral Bonuses to Existing Employees

Your own staff provides a useful resource for sourcing the accounting talent your business needs. Use referral bonuses to incent employees to mention any qualified candidates they know interested in a new opportunity. Additionally, an employee referral also makes a great option for finding passive candidates to quickly help your accounting staff.

Pay any bonuses after the candidate in question stays with your organization for a period of time. This approach ensures not having re-engage your staffing process right after hiring a new accountant.

Company Culture Matters When Sourcing Talented Candidates

If your company boasts a welcoming corporate culture, attracting accounting candidates becomes easier. You also enjoy a stronger chance of convincing them to join your team. Make sure to highlight the organization’s culture in all job ads as well as on your corporate website.

Try to find accounting professionals that make a great fit with your company culture. Make sure to look for signs of cultural affinity in their cover letter and résumé. Of course, the interview gives your company the best chance to determine a candidate’s fit. Be sure to frame a few questions on this topic, including probing into their cultural fit at previous positions.

A Partnership With a Financial Staffing Agency Helps Source Accounting Talent

Ultimately, partnering with an experienced staffing agency known for placing accounting candidates provides an exceptional source of talent. The best agencies already vet candidates which helps to streamline your company’s staffing process. Your HR team no longer has to peruse through potentially hundreds of résumés for an open accountant position. Quickly source the accountants you need!

When searching for an experienced employment partner, look no further than the team at Venteon. As one of the leading financial staffing agencies in the Midwest, we provide the top-shelf accountant talent your business needs. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your current and future staffing needs.

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