Interviewing For a Web Developer Position? Check Out These Questions.

Congratulations on earning an interview opportunity with a company looking for talented web developers. Your engaging résumé details your skills and experience, while a personalized cover letter helped seal the deal. However, the real work now begins, as you need to prepare to give an exemplary interview performance.

Part of any interview preparation process involves practicing your interviewing techniques, including answering those traditional questions. Rehearsing your answers beforehand helps you respond clearly and confidently during the actual interview. So let’s look more closely at a few of the questions you are likely to be asked.

Strategies For Those Off-the-Wall Questions

You might be asked an atypical question, so the interviewer gains some insights into your personality. Asking about your favorite color or cartoon character provides an example. In addition to understanding your personality, your answer also illustrates how well you think on your feet. Be prepared for these kinds of questions.

Describe One of Your Technical Skills That Makes You a Great Candidate

This question probes into your technical background, specifically related to your fit for their open position. Be sure to practice answering questions like these, as they are likely to make up most of the interview. Spend significant time studying your résumé while focusing on your relevant web development skills and experience.

Highlight The Differences Between HTTP/2.0 and HTTP/1.1

When interviewing for a web development position, expect specific technical questions like these. This is especially the case during a separate technical interview. Again, spend time studying the basic concepts of web development, so this information is easily recalled during the interview.

How Do You Handle a 500 Error After a Website Migration?

A question like this provides insights into your problem-solving abilities, specifically related to web development. Clearly detail the steps involved in fixing the error. Take your time, so you don’t get flustered. Again, answering confidently is critical.

How Does This Position Fit Into Your Career Path?

Expect to be asked a few questions about your long-term career path. This is another area where rehearsing your answer beforehand makes perfect sense. An honest answer works best, as the company likely wants to know you care about your career growth. When given a chance for a question of your own, ask about their training and career development program.

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