Should Your Business Hire a Tax Accountant?

In a sense, running a modern business without employing a tax accountant seems like flying blind. After all, tax codes regularly change, and staying on top of things becomes difficult for any business owner. Having a talented and experienced financial professional in this role lets you focus on making your company profitable.

What follows is a high-level analysis of why your business needs to consider hiring the right tax accountant. Use these insights to inspire a few ideas on what to look for in an accounting candidate. These concepts apply no matter the size of your organization. Ultimately, onboarding the right accountant ensures your company isn’t surprised when tax time arrives in 2022.

An Accountant Provides Help Beyond Crunching Numbers

You might think an accountant merely helps track expenses and revenue with few other duties beyond number crunching. Additionally, if you operate a small business, it becomes harder to justify paying an additional salary. However, a typical tax account provides critical assistance beyond those basic job functions.

We previously mentioned the everchanging tax code and the inherent difficulty keeping track of those changes. If you must spend time dealing with those issues, it makes it more difficult to run your company. You also might miss a new rule, leading to extra tax or potentially a costly penalty. Employing a tax accountant prevents these issues from hampering your profitability.

In addition to tax-related issues, an experienced accountant helps your company avoid any regulatory compliance problems. Again, the risks of fines and financial penalties need to be considered at any business, no matter its size.

Placing Your Organization on Solid Financial Footing

Any accountant provides the necessary insights to better inform your company’s financial planning. Again, this is another area where understanding an evolving tax code comes into play. They offer keen advice on the use of credit for a large expenditure. If you hope to grow your business over time, their advice becomes invaluable.

Additionally, accountants ensure your company’s financial records stay up to date. This becomes critical over time whenever you apply for credit or seek additional funding. They also understand modern accounting systems, including data management, storage, and backups. Their reporting skills are also helpful throughout the year, but especially at tax time.

If your organization wants to hire an experienced tax accountant, connect with the team at Venteon. As one of the top financial staffing agencies in the Midwest, we provide the exceptional candidates you need for success. Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your current and future hiring needs.

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