What Programming Languages Are The Most Loved by Developers?

Knowing the most loved programming languages helps your company in a myriad of ways. This knowledge lets you tailor the organization’s training program to provide courses in these languages. Additionally, it better informs the choice of language when designing software applications for your business. After all, it’s easier to find happy programmers experienced in what’s currently popular.

So let’s analyze the programming languages garnering the most adherents among the software engineering community. Note that there’s a difference between “popular” and most widely used. It’s information that also provides relevant advice when you are considering a career as a developer. Ultimately, use these insights to gain a better understanding of the programming world.

Rust Ranks at The Top of The Programming Language Popularity List

Rust typically finds itself at the top of many lists of the most loved programming languages. However, Stack Overflow, publishers of the list we referenced, notes that not that many programmers actually use the language. Only three percent of the respondents to their 2020 survey reported using the language.

So why is Rust so popular? It provides excellent performance and memory safety without the use of a garbage collector for memory management. This lack of garbage collection means that other programs easily use libraries written in Rust to improve application performance. It also makes Rust highly suitable for embedded systems programming.

Clojure is Also Widely Loved by Programmers

A dialect of the Lisp programming language, Clojure regularly competes with Rust as one of the most loved among developers. Since it runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Clojure sees wide use among Java programmers. In many cases, these developers use Clojure to add functional programming routines to Java applications. In addition to business applications, Clojure gets used to create digital art, music, and gaming apps.

TypeScript Gaining Programmer Adherents as a JavaScript Replacement

Created by Microsoft, TypeScript is essentially a superscript of the venerable JavaScript language. TypeScript’s inclusion of static typing and classes are the major difference between the two. All JavaScript programs are also considered to be TypeScript programs. Microsoft crafted the language to deal with the weaknesses of JavaScript in large-scale applications. As a superscript, it’s easy for developers to port JavaScript applications to TypeScript to benefit from its added functionality.

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