This is What to Avoid When Starting a New Job

Congratulations on accepting a job offer from a great company in your region. All your hard work crafting a compelling résumé and practicing your interviewing techniques paid off. Now, the important work begins as you strive to make a great impression on your new employer and coworkers.

To start your new job positively, check out the following tips and advice. We especially focus on what things to avoid doing or saying. After all, the first month in any new position is critical for your ultimate longevity in that role.

Never Assume Your Schedule

Make it a point to talk with your boss about your work schedule before your first day. This information includes your arrival time, total hours, and the length of any lunch break. In short, never assume anything about your schedule. The time for leaving earlier or taking a longer lunch comes after you are established as an employee.

When a New Coworkers Offers to Help, Accept Their Offer

Building meaningful relationships with your new coworkers directly affects your professional satisfaction. So if someone offers to help you on your first day or soon after, accept their generous offer. Be sure to return the favor to another new employee in the future.

A similar rule applies to lunch invitations. Take any opportunity to forge those valuable professional relationships. Expect them to pay dividends throughout your career when it comes to advice or new opportunities.

Avoid Getting Bogged Down in Office Gossip

The office watercooler remains a source of the gossip that siphons the productivity of many organizations. Avoid getting caught in this trap; it benefits new employees trying to make a good impression. While listening provides some insights into the workings of the office, never repeat any of the information you hear.

Never Complain About Former Managers or Coworkers

Keep your opinion on former bosses and coworkers to yourself, especially after starting a new job. Failure to do show probably gets you labeled a malcontent, providing an unneeded hit to your professional reputation. Your new coworkers might assume you’ll say the same about them in the future. Ultimately, it’s not worth the bother. Always stay positive and professional!

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