These Are The Top Software Engineer Skills Employers Want

Maintaining a rewarding career as a software engineer requires you to update your programming skills periodically. After all, compare the current demand for experienced Flash developers to the job market 15 years ago. Having experience in the latest software development technologies and languages ensures a successful job search.

Check out these currently in-demand programming skills with an eye on keeping your software developer career trending upwards. Use this information to get the additional training and experience you need for continued success. When searching for your next software engineering gig, expect multiple offers from some great companies!

The Venerable Java Programming Language Remains in Demand

Well into its third decade of use across the business world, companies still want talented developers with Java experience. This longevity isn’t surprising, as Java gets used for everything from interactive web applications to Android apps. In addition to new development projects, many instances of legacy software written in Java still require maintenance.

Python Continues to Grow in Popularity

As businesses leverage data science to glean actionable information from their databases, Python remains a language of choice. Its libraries provide powerful data processing capabilities while also being easy to read and learn. Because of this, many companies continue to look for talented programmers with Python experience.

Employers Looking for Software Engineers With SQL and Database Skills

Speaking of data, the ability to design and program databases is always in demand in the corporate world. Businesses want development talent with significant experience with SQL, especially database design and writing stored procedures. Expect the opportunity to work on new development projects as well as maintaining existing applications.

Experience With Modern Software Development Methodologies

Businesses also need software engineers boasting experience on projects using modern development methodologies like Agile and Scrum. Both get used at organizations hoping to make their software development processes more efficient and productive. Exposure to similar methodologies like DevOps or DevSecOps is another good thing to put on your résumé.

Don’t Forget About JavaScript

For nearly as long as Java, JavaScript still sees wide use building interfaces for interactive web applications. A wide variety of newer JavaScript libraries, like React.js, are also in demand throughout the business world. Significant experience in this area helps attract interest from companies looking for software engineers.

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