The Top Cybersecurity Trends in the Second Half of 2021

Cybersecurity remains an important issue throughout the business world, with news on online attacks an unfortunate regular occurrence. Some recent ransomware incidents even targeted governmental agencies. This continued scourge is a major reason the demand for experienced SecOps professionals is higher than ever before.

What follows is a high-level overview of the current cybersecurity trends covering the rest of 2021. Leverage these insights to ensure your company maintains a strong SecOps footprint with a well-protected technical infrastructure. Also, keep this information in mind when trying to source talented and experienced cybersecurity candidates.

Managing the Risk of Remote and Office Working

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in an era of remote working, as companies quickly adapted to this new paradigm. It also caused headaches for SecOps teams, with the perimeter of corporate technical infrastructures expanding to cover home networks. With some workers now returning to the office part-time, this hybrid model also needs close monitoring. Companies need to be proactive to ensure a common cybersecurity approach across all hybrid environments: office, mobile, and home.

Beware Any Shadow IT Risks

With a hybrid working paradigm, employees potentially bring threats into the office network from their home or mobile environments. This is expected to be another growing cybersecurity trend related to the pandemic recovery. As noted earlier, a proactive approach is essential. Require employees to put any mobile device into a quarantine section of the network before allowing general access.

A Zero Trust Cybersecurity Approach Becomes Essential

Throughout 2021, cyber-attacks are on the rise, with employees working both from home and the office. This situation requires companies to take a zero-trust approach to their cybersecurity footprint. In the event of a breach, a zero-trust cybersecurity footprint helps minimize any damage to the corporate infrastructure. Follow up any attack with a strong investigative effort.

Cyber Criminals Diversify Their Attack Techniques

The fight between SecOps professionals and unethical hackers continues unabated. Cybercriminals devise new attack techniques to get around the latest cybersecurity protections. Their latest “innovation” uses AI to fool cybersecurity engineers into the nature of the attack. Phishing emails are also leveraging recent news stories to confuse unsuspecting readers into clicking a malicious link. Improving employee awareness of cybersecurity risks also helps protect your company.

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