4 Tips on How to Properly Interview Engineers

The interview round remains the most critical aspect of any company’s hiring process. This is especially the case when your organization hopes to hire a talented and experienced engineer. Vetting an engineering candidate’s skill set, experience, and cultural fit requires a well-considered approach.

With a successful hire in mind, check out these tips on how to properly interview engineering candidates. Being able to tell the difference between those who seem equally qualified needs to be your goal. In the end, expect a talented new engineer to make a positive impact on your organization.

Focus on Vetting the Skills Your Company Needs

Engineering is a broad discipline with many different skills and professional experiences. Before the interview, your company likely narrowed down the candidate pool to a few exceptional engineers matching your needs. Leverage your time together to truly vet each person’s skills in the areas your company wants.

Deeply probe into their professional experiences regarding the skills in question. Use situational or technical interview techniques to see how well they think under pressure. Finally, follow up with their references for a final reading on these relevant skills.

Give the Candidate an Engineering Problem to Solve

Problem-solving remains a critical soft skill for any engineer to possess. To test this ability, give the interviewee a simple engineering problem to solve. While solving the problem is a plus, pay attention to their methodology and ability to communicate the solution. Ultimately, you want to hire a talented engineer that also makes a great fit with your current staff.

An Engineering Candidate’s Affinity for Teamwork Matters

Speaking of a great fit, teamwork continues to grow in importance throughout the technology world. It helps companies improve their productivity along with the overall quality of their work. Ask a few pointed questions about their ability to work well as a member of a team. Make it a point to ask this same question when checking their references.

Use Standardized Questions for Each Candidate

In the end, standardized lines of questioning make it easier to rate a candidate’s performance after the interview. While some of a question’s details might relate to a candidate’s professional history, keep the basic concepts the same. Ultimately, this approach helps your team decide on the one candidate deserving an offer.

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