It’s Important to Look For These Traits When Hiring an Accountant

When your company needs a new accountant or financial professional, an effective staffing strategy pays dividends. Part of this approach involves understanding the attributes your organization wants in a top candidate. Crafting a detailed job description that details the skills, experience, and traits your business needs is a must.

To hire an exceptional new accountant, check out this list of the traits the best candidates possess. First, use this information to identify who to bring in for an interview. Ultimately, it also helps you make the right decision out of a group of qualified professionals.

Look for a Professional Accounting Certification

Experienced accountants with professional certifications provide some peace of mind when perusing potential candidates. Use this information to help narrow down your candidate pool before deciding who to interview. This approach helps make your staffing process more efficient and effective.

Strong Communication Skills are Important

While accountants aren’t typically public-facing positions, they still need to interact with others within your company. Superior communication skills – both written and verbal – helps in this regard. The interview remains the best way to determine a candidate’s true personality and verbal communication ability.

A Keen Understanding of the Business World

The best accountants boast a deep understanding of the business world. This knowledge includes the financial markets, supply chains, IT, as well as sales and marketing. Simply stated, this broad expertise helps them perform effectively when handling your company’s books. However, when rating candidates, add a few bonus points to anyone with accounting experience in your company’s industry sector.

Is Their Accounting Knowledge up to Date?

Accountants need to refresh their skills and knowledge continually. This includes everything from the latest technology and accounting software to any changes in tax codes. Frame some questions in this area to verify whether a candidate stays current with the changes in their field.

A Wide Array of Accounting and Financial Skills

Finding an accountant who also boasts experience in the financial industry might offer significant advantages to your business. So make sure to closely peruse their résumé to get an idea of their full range of skills. For example, previous experience with startups fits well with a new business. This is an area worth exploring during the interview process.

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