These are the Skills to Look For When Hiring an Electrical Engineer

When sourcing experienced electrical engineers, your company needs a profile of the perfect candidate. This outline includes the skills they must possess to succeed as a member of your organization. Of course, the specific needs of your company’s open position also matter, in addition to the candidate’s overall engineering acumen.

To make the right hiring decision, here are the skills to look for when hiring electrical engineers. Leverage these insights to craft an accurate job description in addition to effective interview questions. In the end, expect a talented engineer to become a valuable contributor to your business.

Creativity is an Essential Engineering Skill

The best electrical engineers generally boast a strong level of creativity. This skill helps them craft innovative solutions in electrical designs and systems. It also helps at the beginning of projects when devising the initial requirements and design for the engineering solution.

Problem Solving Skills are Critical for Engineers

An electrical engineer often faces some form of crisis, like a faulty circuit or malfunctioning system. During these situations, problem-solving skills help the engineer diagnose the issue and ultimately devise a solution to fix it. Not surprisingly, creativity also plays an important role in any engineer’s problem-solving abilities.

The Ability to Work as a Member of a Team

Engineers rarely perform their duties in a solitary fashion. Instead, they typically collaborate with other engineers and technicians on specific projects or daily job responsibilities. As such, great engineers generally possess a strong affinity for collaboration and teamwork. Be sure to ask a few questions on this topic when interviewing engineering candidates.

A Strong Knowledge of Circuit Design

Electrical engineers need strong circuit design chops. This includes experience working with a variety of IC types in different designs. Exposure to modern forms of circuit design, like VLSI especially using CMOS, is also important. Look for practical experience in this area when perusing the résumés of candidates.

Soft Skills Also Matter for Electrical Engineering Candidates

Of course, electrical engineering chops matter when vetting candidates, but don’t give soft skills short shrift. Strong communication skills are vital when interacting with clients, business stakeholders, and coworkers. Additionally, leadership acumen helps when mentoring younger engineers; it also highlights someone with management potential.

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