These Programming Languages are Continuing to Grow in Popularity

Any successful career in software engineering requires programmers to stay abreast of the most popular programming languages. After all, their overall popularity changes yearly, with some becoming essentially obsolete. For example, the current demand for Flash programmers has probably never been lower.

Here’s a list of programming languages growing in popularity to maintain a healthy software development career. Consider learning one or two on this list and follow that up with a certification. It’s the best way to ensure you stay in demand as a technology professional.

Kotlin is Used for Android Development

Mobile developers continue to be in demand as companies want to build apps for the Android and iOS platforms. While Java remains the traditional choice for Android development projects, Kotlin continues to grow in popularity. In fact, it’s now Google’s preferred language for the mobile platform. It interoperates with Java but features a simpler and more concise syntax.

Swift is a Popular Language for iOS Development

Similar to Java and Kotlin, Apple prefers Swift as an iOS development language instead of Objective-C. Swift is easier to learn compared to the older language and features a cleaner syntax. Swift also targets the macOS platform as an added bonus, so knowing it opens up multiple developer job opportunities.

Use Go for Systems-Level Programming

Developed by Google, Go is their preferred language for system-level applications. Designed for distributed systems, Go works nicely for use-cases requiring a high level of data processing. Netflix, Twitch, and Uber use the language for a variety of internal programming projects.

TypeScript Expands on JavaScript

Microsoft crafted TypeScript as a superset of JavaScript that uses static variable typing. As a superset, all JavaScript programs are also TypeScript programs, so it’s easy to translate JavaScript skills into the newer language. A variety of third-party header files exist to make popular JavaScript libraries compatible with TypeScript, like Node.js and jQuery.

Logica Brings Logic Programming to Data Science

Logica is a programming language designed for data manipulation. It compiles as SQL, allowing queries to be run on Google’s massively powerful Big Query engine. The language is especially popular among data scientists who prefer logic programming syntax as opposed to SQL. It essentially provides traditional programming access to Big Data.

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