Did You Know Python is Employers’ Most-Desired Programming Language?

The advent of social media and eCommerce generates a massive amount of data. Within this data lies the critical information helping businesses thrive in the modern economy. However, gleaning those actionable insights from an array of databases increasingly requires programmers with Python skills. It’s the main reason why the programming language remains in demand throughout the tech world.

Python features a simple and elegant syntax, making it easy to write code. It also supports a large number of libraries suitable for data science, AI, and data analytics. Let’s take a closer look at some of the other underlying reasons for its vast popularity.

Python Rapidly Becoming the Preferred Language for Data Science

As noted above, one of the major reasons for Python’s popularity with employers is its suitability for data science. While R also remains popular for these types of applications, Python’s relative simplicity gives it an advantage. As enterprises struggle to find valuable information within their data, Python helps their employees to quickly learn programming skills.

With machine learning making more of an impact on data science, a Python-based tool like PyTorch plays an important role. PyTorch helps companies leverage deep learning to find those actionable insights within their data. Programmers looking to take advantage of data science’s popularity need to understand learning Python and PyTorch helps your career.

Learn Python to Begin a Career as a Programmer

The high demand for Python coders and its ease of learning makes it the right choice for new programmers. Learn the language, pass a certification test, and begin your programming career. Of course, also possessing a college degree helps your chances of getting an interview. The Coding Dojo boot camp commented on the demand for Python talent in a recent blog post.

“Over the last few years, businesses have been asking for more and more Python developers. Since the beginning of 2018, the number of jobs has skyrocketed. This is great news for Python programmers or those looking to start their careers. As one of the simplest languages to learn, it makes it much easier to get into software development,” the post mentioned.

Ultimately, the data science boom continues to make Python the language to learn for emerging software developers. Keep this in mind when deciding on your next technical certification.

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