These Interview Questions Help You Hire a Top Performer

The interview remains the most important part of the hiring process, helping companies make the right decision between candidates. After all, a great résumé boasting deep experience and desired skills mean little if a candidate bombs their interview. Maybe they exaggerated some of the information on their CV, and your probing questions helped reveal their deception?

To make the right hire, check out these relevant interview questions. Use them to help truly get a reading on a candidate’s fit for your company’s open position. Making the correct choice might depend on them.

Probe Into Their Impact on Previous Employers

In general, companies want to hire candidates that made a positive impact throughout their work history. So frame a few questions to probe deeply into the professional history of a candidate’s résumé. Use open-ended questions to let the person detail the difference they made for previous employers. Also, consider following up with the candidate’s references to verify their interview answers.

Explore The Candidate’s Affinity for Collaboration

Fostering teamwork continues to be an important goal for companies in the modern business world. It’s one of the reasons for the growing popularity of the DevOps methodology. As such, make sure you ask candidates how well they work as part of a team. Get them to provide specific examples of how collaboration lets them accomplish more compared to working alone.

How do They Handle Adversity?

Sometimes, you learn about an employee during a difficult project requiring extra hours of overtime. So ask about how they handle adversity at work. Use their answer to generate a few follow-up questions, probing into the specific event. Also, make it a point to learn more about why they left previous jobs throughout their careers. Their answers to these questions provide a valuable window into what makes them tick as a professional.

Use a Technical Test to Vet Their Decision-Making Skills

A few technical questions or a test to check a candidate’s decision-making acumen is a smart idea. Of course, this kind of questioning makes perfect sense for technology or engineering candidates. However, consider using a similar approach for financial or accounting candidates. Seeing how a candidate thinks when under pressure provides useful insights into their performance with your company.

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