Knowing These Programming Languages Will Help You Get Ahead

Any software engineer understands that resting on their laurels puts their career growth at risk. This simple truth makes it paramount to constantly learn new technologies, including the hottest programming languages in the industry. Keeping your skills fresh attracts recruiters and hiring managers, helping build an endlessly rewarding career.

So let’s take a closer look at a few of the top programming languages in the modern tech industry. If unfamiliar with some of these, get the training you need to become an expert. Earning a certification also helps improve your marketability in the current IT scene.

JavaScript Remains a Workhorse for Web Development

The chances are strong that you already know the first language on our list. JavaScript remains widely used in web development, holding this status for nearly 25 years. Understanding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript provides developers the skills they need to craft interactive web interfaces. Consider learning a new JavaScript library, such as Node.js, to add to your web design skills.

Swift is Apple’s Choice for Crafting iOS Mobile Apps

When introducing iOS, Apple provided programmers with Objective-C to write mobile apps for their nascent platform. In 2014, they released Swift, a more optimized language for writing iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and WatchOS apps. If you want to become an Apple developer, put learning Swift at the top of your list..

Python is Rapidly Becoming the Language of Choice for Data Science

In existence for three decades, Python’s popularity continues to grow. The reason for this involves its high suitability for data science applications. In addition to its simplicity and elegant code syntax, Python also includes libraries used for reporting and visualizing data. In short, familiarity with it is a must if you want to work as a data scientist. Additionally, Python math packages such as NumPy and SciPy also see wide use in scientific computing, mathematics, and engineering.

C# Still Reigns Supreme for Programming in the Microsoft Tech Stack

Now approaching its third decade of use, C# remains the language of choice when writing for Microsoft’s .NET Framework. Based on C++ and Java, C# is a modern object-oriented language familiar to anyone using those other languages. Notably, as the recommended language for the Unity engine, many popular videogames are written in C#.

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