4 Helpful Tips to Advance Your Career in Finance

If you work as a financial professional, keeping your career on an upwards path requires a proactive effort. After all, it’s a constantly changing business sector with FinTech innovations, like AI, making inroads throughout the industry. Ensuring your skills stay up to date greatly helps in improving your marketability to recruiters.

With long-term success in finance as a goal, check out these tips to take your career to a higher level. Getting a mentor, additional certifications, or an advanced degree remain great ways to attract lucrative job opportunities. Perhaps the corner office lies in your future?

Build Your Professional Network

Networking helps a financial professional in a myriad of ways. When faced with a difficult problem at work, someone in your network might offer insights to solve the issue. This is especially the case as technology makes a larger impact in finance.

Additionally, your professional network also serves as a great resource for potential job opportunities. So always look out for the chance to add to your network.

A Mentor Serves as a Great Career Resource

Your network also provides a good source for someone to serve as your mentor. Once again, they provide a great font of financial career insights. For example, when considering an advanced degree, like an MBA, a mentor offers keen advice for a wise decision. This is especially the case if they recently earned their MBA.

Keep Your Résumé up to Date

Always make it a point to update your résumé regularly. After all, you never know when a great opportunity falls in your lap. Remember, your LinkedIn profile also serves as the online version of your résumé. Keep both updated whenever you learn a new skill, earn a certification, or finish an important project. This approach pays off over the long haul.

Earning Certifications Keeps Your Career Growing

Regularly earning new financial industry certifications plays a key role in fostering your career growth. Possessing relevant certifications, such as the CFA, CFP, CPA, and CCP, differentiate you from other candidates for a job. When a hiring manager decides between two equally qualified professionals, a certification makes that final choice easier. Your daily job performance also benefits from the updated financial knowledge gained when studying for a certification test.

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