Attention Engineers! Check Out These Important Résumé Tips

Fostering a lucrative career as an engineer requires keeping your résumé updated and easy to read. After all, a CV remains the calling card detailing your technical skills and tangible experience. When competing with potentially hundreds of other candidates, your résumé needs to stand out from the pack.

To improve your engineering career prospects, check out these tips for crafting a compelling résumé. Many of these same concepts also apply to online versions of your CV, including your LinkedIn profile. So follow this advice to keep your career path trending upwards.

Close Proofreading is a Must

Since engineering requires discipline and attention to detail, any spelling errors on your résumé likely end your candidacy. Because of this cold, hard fact, closely proofread your résumé and LinkedIn profile. If you know someone with great English skills, get them to proofread both as well. It’s worth the extra effort.

A Clear and Concise Approach Works Best

Even if you boast a large engineering skillset and copious tangible experience, a concise approach always works best. Remember, hiring managers only get a minute or so for an initial reading of a résumé. This is especially the case when a hundred candidates apply for a position. So any CV longer than one or two pages runs the risk of ending up in the trash.

Include a Qualifications Summary

Placing a summary of your qualification at the top of a résumé serves to attract a hiring manager’s interest. This approach allows you to sum up your candidacy in two to three sentences. So take extra care when crafting your summary. It’s likely the most important section of your résumé.

Customize Each Résumé for the Specific Job Opportunity

Each company looking for engineering talent likely has a specific set of requirements for their open position. So tailor your résumé to highlight your skills and experience that match the requirements listed in their job description. This is a smart strategic approach giving you a better shot at earning an interview.

Detail Your Tangible Accomplishments

Use facts and figures when highlighting your work history. Detailing your professional accomplishments tangibly provides proof of the positive impact you made on previous employers. Simply stated, it adds depth to your résumé.

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