Yes, Cover Letters are Still Necessary!

You spent all this time writing a compelling résumé that perfectly states your qualifications. Do you need to spend a similar amount of effort crafting a cover letter? Do hiring managers even look at them anymore? Finding the answers to these questions is essential for any successful job search.

Let’s take a closer look at the venerable cover letter. Is it simply an ancient artifact from the 20th Century? A well-written letter and résumé play a key role in earning an interview and potentially an offer. Here are some reasons why writing a great one makes sense.

Hiring Managers Still Read Cover Letters

A recent survey of recruiters and hiring managers reveals cover letters still matter as part of a job search. According to the study results, 87 percent of those surveyed regularly read cover letters. So let’s say you decided to forego them during your last job search. If things ended without a job offer, now you know one reason why.

The survey noted that cover letters might not be read as part of an initial candidate analysis. If a hiring manager received a hundred applications for their open position, they probably had no time.

However, a cover letter plays a key role in the next steps of their hiring process. It provides the means to add more detail to a résumé. This includes explaining any gaps in a candidate’s work history.

The Cover Letter Enhances Your Résumé

As noted earlier, hiring managers typically don’t have enough time to read the cover letter when first perusing résumés. Because of this, a well-crafted concise résumé needs to clearly express your fit for an open position. Use the cover letter to enhance your CV; going into more detail on why hiring you makes perfect sense.

Tailoring your résumé for any open position is a smart idea. So take a similar approach with the cover letter to show off your research into the company. Explain your compatibility with their office culture. Highlight various work experiences that match the job’s requirements. Taking this approach gives you a better shot at an interview and an eventual job offer.

In the end, the cover letter still matters. They get read and ultimately play an important role in any successful job search. So make it a point to craft a compelling cover template to personalize whenever you apply for a job.

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