How to Successfully Transition From Accounting to Finance

So, you currently enjoy a successful career as an accountant but want to move into a financial role. Whatever your reasons for this professional goal, it helps to have a roadmap to ensure your transition successfully. While these two fields are somewhat related, taking additional training is ultimately important.

To forge a successful career in finance, here are some tips on how to transition from accounting. Leverage these insights to begin planning for this important switch in your professional life. Soon, expect many lucrative opportunities in the financial world to await you.

Perform Some Self-Analysis Before Making the Switch

Before any career change, it’s essential to do a little self-analysis to ensure you truly want to leave accounting. Maybe your issue relates more to your current job as opposed to the field itself? Perhaps you don’t get along with your boss, current coworkers, or tax season difficulty? It’s better to answer these questions before a massive transition to your professional life, especially when possessing a CPA.

Can Your Current Financial Situation Handle a Hit?

Don’t assume a switch to finance means an immediate transition into a higher salary. If you are a senior-level accountant, it might take a few years to exceed your current pay. Additionally, spending some time in school or training might also be a requirement. Ultimately, this issue also needs to be part of any self-analysis.

Connect With Someone to Mentor You Through this Transition

Having a mentor who currently works in finance is a smart idea when transitioning from an accounting position—finding one who also worked as an accountant provides you with helpful insights. After all, this is a significant change to your career, so a little timely advice pays dividends.

This kind of mentorship provides you with the advice you need to make a successful transition. They might even know of some potential opportunities for your first gig in finance.

Partner With an Experienced Recruiter

An experienced financial recruiter serves as a great source of wisdom when moving from accounting to finance. They are also likely familiar with other professionals who made a similar change to their careers. You receive valuable advice as well as a few leads on job opportunities in finance.

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