Learn Why Project Management is One of the Most In-Demand Tech Skills

When you hear about in-demand tech skills, data science and cybersecurity typically rank at the top of the list. However, project management experience continues to attract the eyes of hiring managers across the business world. A primary reason for this great demand relates to the increased number of projects in this tech-driven economy.

Let’s look more closely at some of the other reasons companies need project management professionals. Leverage these insights to get the PM experience you need to build a successful tech career. Or, if you already boast these skills, inspire yourself to go after the numerous opportunities available to you.

The Strong Demand for Project Managers With Software Engineering Skills

A recent study of hiring trends reveals a strong demand for experienced project managers with software engineering skills. This trend isn’t surprising, with companies adopting DevOps and Agile to improve the velocity of their software development efforts. A PM with a coding background understands evolving software methodologies, providing value to companies with this need.

Additionally, companies are beginning to ramp up their strategic planning efforts in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. With intermediate software projects now on the docket, hiring experienced project managers becomes part of these organizations’ staffing strategies. Of course, PMs with Agile or DevOps shops experience boasts even higher demand than those without that exposure.

Companies Need PMs With Experience in Other Development Methodologies

While Agile growing in popularity in the tech world, offshoots of the methodology continue to gain fans. Remember, DevOps itself grew out of larger enterprises formalizing a corporate structure around Agile thinking. DevOps processes also take advantage of automation to make software development more efficient.

Scrum is one other Agile variant gaining advocates throughout the tech world. A similar story exists for Kanban. Even Lean, which appeared as a manufacturing efficiency methodology, is seeing wide use in software development. Also, don’t forget the venerable Waterfall methodology, which still gets used at many larger companies.

Project Managers Must Always Learn New Skills

A major lesson to be learned from this strong demand for project managers is keeping your skills current. If you haven’t worked on any projects using Scrum or Kanban, take an online course to learn these methodologies. Consider fortifying that training with a certification to attract the interest of hiring managers.

If you need advice on building your PM career, speak with the recruiters at Venteon. As one of the top technical staffing agencies in Michigan, we know the companies looking for managerial talent. Connect with us soon!

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