Having a Hard Time Filling Your IT Roles? You’re Not Alone!

Even in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the job market for talented IT professionals remains tight. This is especially the case for in-demand roles, like mobile app developers and SecOps engineers. Companies are hoping to hire the best need a proactive staffing plan combined with a focused recruiting effort.

If your company currently encounters difficulty filling important tech positions, here are a few tips to improve the situation. Leverage these ideas to prevent an IT skills gap from hampering your organization’s productivity. Remember, talented technology employees remain the lifeblood of many successful businesses.

Reach Out to Talented Passive Candidates

IT professionals not actively searching for work are a useful untapped source for technology talent. They typically boast tangible experience as well as the right technical and soft skills your organization needs. Notably, providing a welcoming company culture and a generous compensation package are critical when hiring passive candidates.

However, successfully sourcing passive candidates also requires a deft touch. Reach out to contacts within your professional network to see if they know anyone interested in joining your team. Also, have a pitch ready if you meet anyone at a technology conference or local tech mixer. Companies with a great culture and an active local presence boast a recruiting advantage over other firms.

Start an Employee Referral Program

Speaking of passive candidates, your own employees might know a few technology professionals willing to listen about an opportunity. Start an employee referral program to incent your staff to submit the names of qualified IT candidates. Pay the employee a bonus after the new hire stays with your firm for six months. This is an overlooked technique for sourcing talented tech pros.

Provide a Welcoming Office Culture Focusing on Professional Development

Companies with a great corporate culture focused on employee development find it easier to source talent. A robust training program combined with a tuition reimbursement benefit proves you want your employees to succeed. Additionally, requiring workers to stay with your firm after accepting a tuition benefit directly improves your retention rate.

In the end, becoming known as an organization that forges rewarding careers for their employees helps your staffing efforts. This approach also makes retaining talented current employees an easier process.

If you need help building a great team at your organization, speak with the experts at Venteon. As one of the top technical staffing agencies in the Midwest, we provide great candidates who are able to make an impact on your company. Schedule a meeting with us as soon as possible.

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