What is a Director of Quality Management and How Can You Become One?

Quality management remains an important function in many different business sectors. No matter the industry in question, a focus on ensuring a defect-free process is critical. After all, quality influences everything from safety to the customer receiving a compelling experience. As such, the Director of Quality Management role remains vital.

If you are interested in moving into this role, it helps to understand the requirements, potential salary, and more. So let’s provide a high-level summary of the Director of Quality Management. Leverage this information to help you decide if it’s the right job role for your desired career path.

Earn a Lucrative Salary in Quality Management

Directors of Quality Management earn a lucrative salary within the six-figure range. In fact, the average annual salary for this job role comes in at slightly over $110,000. Needless to say, that earning potential makes the effort of acquiring the experience and training for this position worth it. The expected job growth for quality management directors is predicted to be one percent through 2028.

The Responsibilities for a Director of Quality Management

Besides any technical acumen related to their business sector, quality management directors boast a full range of soft skills. These include leadership and management, communication, problem-solving, and more. Experience with conducting audits attracts hiring managers to candidates interested in this job role. Exposure to regulatory inspections is another plus.

Other specific duties are related to the industry in which the director is employed. Healthcare, software engineering, and manufacturing each provide their own set of responsibilities. So experience in a particular industry is likely a requirement for getting hired into quality management in that sector.

Director of Quality Management Job Requirements

A Bachelors degree in a related field remains a minimum educational requirement for a Director of Quality Management. Although, a recent study notes that nearly half of professionals with this role earned their Masters. So consider earning an advanced degree if you want the best chance at a job offer.

Expect at least five years of experience to be considered for this role. Working in QA or a related job role serves as a proper career path to becoming a director. Once again, any specific job requirements for any position likely depend on the industry.

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