Are You Noticing These 2020 Trends in Engineering?

A successful career as a software engineer or managing a development shop requires you to keep abreast of the latest trends in the industry. After all, this is one business sector known for its constant change and innovations. Understanding the impact of the trends on your career or business is a must for continued success.

What follows is a high-level overview of the hottest 2020 trends in the software engineering world. Leverage this information to ensure you are prepared for whatever impacts come your way in 2020 and beyond. Staying ahead of these changes is a must!

Massive Growth in Demand for AR/VR Software Engineers

According to a recent study of tech hiring trends, the demand for software engineers experienced with either AR/VR grew by 1400 percent in 2019. This growth is due to the expansion of AR and VR applications outside of the video gaming world. Everything from surgery simulators in healthcare to retail applications now benefit from using these related technologies.

If you are a software engineer looking for a robust amount of opportunities, or a company formulating its staffing plans for the year, understand the demand (and salaries) for AR and VR experience is growing.

Python is the Most Popular Programming Language

Understanding what programming languages are currently popular reflects the changing trends in the software engineering world. Now, Python is the most popular language, followed by JavaScript and Java. JavaScript remains the most widely-used language, which isn’t surprising considering the vast array of web development frameworks, like React.js.

What Emerging Technologies Interest Software Engineers?

If you are hoping to hire talented programmers, it helps to provide projects using the coolest technology innovations. Machine Learning ranks at the top of this list, which makes sense considering the impacts this variant of AI is currently building in multiple industries. Naturally, AR/VR ranks second for reasons previously noted.

UX, Blockchain, and Information Security round out the top five. Programmers with cybersecurity experience are especially in demand, considering the current scourge of hacking incidents and the relative lack of cybersecurity experience in software engineering.

Programmers Are Being Trained in a Nontraditional Fashion

Increasingly, professionals are learning to program using self-study or online boot camps. Companies need to be aware of the nontraditional educational background in candidates and focus on whether a potential new employee has the right chops and experience, not what college they attended.

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