Has The Stock Market Slump Affected Financial and Accounting Roles?

With the stock market finally on a downturn after more than a decade, is the job market for financial and accounting professionals also headed south? After all, it stands to reason companies in the sector might temper their hiring efforts or even reduce staffing counts. Thankfully, that doesn’t appear to be the case according to industry analysis.

If you work in finance or accounting, attractive opportunities remain plentiful. As companies in this space adopt new technologies and systems, they need the talent to make these implementations as seamless as possible. Check out this overview of the current financial job market for more insights.

The Financial Job Market Remains Strong

Despite the fall of the stock market, triggered by the Coronavirus and other factors, the job market for financial and accounting professionals remains strong. Companies that need experienced financial talent are still finding it difficult to source and hire quality candidates. Industry expert John Ricco commented on the current situation in the wake of the stock market downturn.

“We have more jobs than we could fill. The interesting part is that it’s hard to find candidates. There’s a lack of supply to fill these finance jobs,” said Ricco. New York City noted a drop in employment of financial professionals of around 4,500 over the last year. The lack of qualified candidates is a leading contributor to this fall.

Additionally, with the busy tax season likely extended by a delay to the IRS filing deadline, expect companies to need accounting talent for the foreseeable future. In short, this remains an excellent environment for financial candidates looking for a new opportunity. Professionals able to mix financial acumen with technical experience, especially in mobile, the Cloud, and machine learning, hold a significant advantage over other candidates.

Partnering With an Experienced Staffing Agency Just Makes Sense

Whether you are a financial professional looking for a great new position, or a company needing to add to your staff at tax time, a partnership with a talented financial staffing agency remains the smart call. Experienced recruiters at a top staffing agency understand the current market and the skills companies want. These agencies also maintain a robust supply of great financial candidates to meet most organizational needs.

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