Keep Yourself on Top of The Latest IT Trends

A critical factor in growing a successful technology career involves staying abreast of the latest IT innovations. After all, the one overriding concept in the tech world is its constant state of change. What were the hottest technical tools a decade ago might be an afterthought in the current market. Flash is an excellent example of this technological obsolescence.

To keep your IT career path trending upwards, check out this list of the top trends transforming technology today. Leverage this information to get the right training and experience for continued success as a technology professional.

AI and Machine Learning Continue to Transform Multiple Industries

Already impacting multiple business sectors, expect artificial intelligence, and its related offshoot machine learning, to become even more relevant in the IT world over the next year. Some industry pundits predict that AI and machine learning will be offered using Cloud-based services. So these “AIaaS” providers allow businesses to use machine learning with minimal investment.

AI currently powers everything from customer service chatbots to self-driving automobiles. 2020 looks to see an increase in cybersecurity routines enhanced by machine learning. That use-case seems perfect in an era dominated by hacking incidents.

The IoT and Edge Computing Grow in Importance

It appears the Internet of Things is finally becoming a vital technology more than just a buzzword. The growth of edge computing gives the IoT a truly relevant application in a variety of industries. Additionally, the adoption of 5G networking technology and its lower latency provides the essential speed and interaction to make these remote applications usable.

Expect the home automation use-case of the IoT to continue to lag behind the business and manufacturing worlds. Of course, that is expected to change as 5G network coverage increases across the country.

Blockchain Usage Expands

Blockchain technology continues to impact the financial world, and that trend is expected to expand in 2020. Cloud Technology Partners’ Ed Featherston commented on blockchain’s use in other business sectors.

“One of the biggest areas in which blockchain is growing is supply chain and provenance,” he said during the Twitter chat. “Pharma (and healthcare in general) are also looking and investing heavily in blockchain options: drug supply chain — opiates, especially — clinical trial data, electronic health records. Chain of custody/chain of events is always a potential use,” said Featherston.

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