5 Skills That Will Help You Find a Better Manufacturing Career

Those who work in the manufacturing world require a unique set of skills and experience. It’s a vibrant environment and one that is seeing a transformation due to technology innovations, like the Internet of Things. Just like in the IT world, change is to be expected and embraced.

To keep your manufacturing career on an upward trend, here is a list of a few relevant skills to add to your portfolio. In the end, developing new skills like these ensures your professional life never suffers from obsolescence. Because of this approach, a new job of your dreams is always right around the corner.

It All Starts With Math

Basic to advanced mathematical skills are essential for any engineer, and the same rule applies to those working in manufacturing. Being able to perform basic trigonometry and algebra calculations is a must. These abilities are likely to get used time and time again during your daily routine.

Verbal and Written Communication Skills

Strong verbal communication abilities help you interact with your bosses and coworkers inside a factory. This is especially the case if your company follows the Lean methodology, which shares similarities with Agile. Written communication skills are an intriguing option if you want to position yourself as a thought leader in the industry by publishing a blog. Publicity from your blog also makes it easier for interested companies to find you with new opportunities.

An Affinity for Technology

Technical skills are essential for anyone working in manufacturing. The IoT is currently transforming this sector, and the pace of that transformation is only expected to increase once 5G networking becomes commonplace. Computer skills are also especially relevant to these professionals.

Problem Solving Aptitude

Nary has a day gone by without some crisis happening on the factory floor. Because of this, manufacturing companies want employees with big problem-solving acumen. This critical thinking ensures a plant keeps running smoothly and efficiently, especially when issues arise.

The Flexibility to be Cross Trained

Manufacturing employees tend to wear many different hats. The flexibility to be easily trained in multiple job functions is valuable within the industry. Emphasize that capability on your resume and during an interview. It’s a case where being a “jack of all trades” is right for your career.

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