How to Become The Top Payroll Manager in Michigan

Forging a successful lifelong career as a payroll manager takes persistence and a full effort each day at the office. Keeping abreast of the latest technology changes affecting your job role is another must. Strong communication skills also make it easier to work with your superiors and any assistants.

To become the top payroll manager in Michigan, here are a few tips and tricks to place you on the right path. Leverage these ideas to keep a rewarding career growing until the day of your retirement. Good luck building the career of your dreams!

Consider Earning a Certification as a Payroll Processing Professional

In a similar manner as other financial and technology job roles, certifications are available for payroll processing. Earning one is a wise strategy if you are new to the profession, or are considering switching jobs. In the latter case, being certified looks good on your resume, and it subsequently attractive to companies looking for payroll managers.

Typical certification classes include material covering various payroll systems, employee databases, PTO management, and a FICA tax workshop. This is all relevant material for anyone hoping to become a preeminent payroll manager. Additionally, a certification from the American Payroll Association gives you extra credibility. The organization offers Fundamental Payroll Certification and Certified Payroll Professional designations.

A Deep Understanding of Computers and Technology

A payroll manager is generally responsible for understanding the latest software used in payroll systems. Ultimately, working in payroll at the managerial level requires in-depth knowledge of the role of computers and technology play in the payroll process. Staying aware of the latest advancements in payroll processing software is also essential.

Excellent Communication and People Skills

Payroll managers are typically responsible for a staff of a few payroll clerks. As such, strong management skills, including dispute resolution and excellent verbal and written communication chops, are essential. The latter also helps with interacting with your bosses and other employees at the office.

A Partnership With an Experienced Staffing Agency for Payroll Managers

In the end, forging a relationship with a staffing agency experienced in placing payroll managers is essential. The recruiters employed by these agencies understand the current market and the latest changes in the payroll manager profession. Ultimately, it’s a great partnership for your career growth.

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