Can You Guarantee You’ll Make The Best Hire?

A strong economy combined with a historically low unemployment rate makes the current job market a difficult one for businesses. In this environment, your company needs to make the right choice of candidates. The costs incurred during the staffing and onboarding processes get wasted when the wrong hire is made.

With staffing success in mind, here are a few insights on how to make the right hiring decision. Leverage these ideas to ensure your company continues to employ the best and brightest in technology, accounting, or engineering.

The Best Hire Starts With The Right Job Description

Crafting a job description that clearly explains your open position and the required skills and experience is essential. You want to prevent underqualified candidates from applying for the job and filling up your candidate pool. This makes the hiring process inefficient, as your HR team wastes team parsing through these relatively weak candidates.

Additionally, provide insights into your company culture in the ad. The space for this is somewhat limited, but a sentence or two helps attract great candidates to your organization. Remember, cultural fit plays a significant role in the retention of your employees!

Remove Unconscious Bias From The Process

Ensure your interview questions (and job descriptions) are free from unconscious bias. Hiring a diverse team offers a myriad of benefits to the organization, and a bias-free staffing process is a great way to accomplish that goal. At the same time, still, ensure all candidates boast the right skills and experience to thrive in your company’s open position.

Emphasize the Interviewing of the Best Candidates

Ultimately, the interviews remain the best way to differentiate between the top candidates for your open position. Take extra care to craft meaningful questions and other technical activities to probe into a candidate’s skill set. A standardized set of questions and rating system also helps when comparing their interview performances.

Don’t Skimp on Reference Checking!

In the end, checking references offers one more chance to determine the best candidate. This is especially the case when trying to make a final decision between two equally qualified professionals. Once again, standardized questioning of references helps truly highlight any differences between your last two choices. Make the final decision with full confidence.

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