How to Take Your IT Skill Set to The Next Level

Technology professionals continue to be in high demand across multiple business sectors. Still, companies looking for experienced tech pros typically don’t settle for the average. Instead, they want candidates with the right mix of the latest tech abilities combined with other, softer skills, like problem-solving, communication, and leadership.

With an eye towards a thriving IT career, here is some advice on how to take your tech skill set to a higher level. This ensures that companies notice you when searching for a new position. Leverage these tips to attract the best organizations in the industry.

Continually Learn New Skills and Earn Certifications

One aphorism rings true when it comes to an IT career. Your learning only ends on the day of your retirement! All tech professionals need to strive to continually learn new tech skills, with a focus on what’s hot in the technology world. In today’s market, that means data science, AI or machine learning, and cybersecurity.

Back up your new educational efforts by earning a certification in the new skill. This especially helps your job search if you don’t have tangible experience using the unique ability in question. HR managers are on the hunt for tech pros certified in the latest IT disciplines.

Volunteer to Gain Additional Experience With New Tech Skills

If you just learned a hot new tech skill that’s not part of your company’s technology stack, consider volunteering at a charitable or non-profit organization to gain some tangible experience. These efforts also look great on a résumé and help add depth to your answers during an interview.

If you are a developer, open-source projects also provide an opportunity to use a new programming language on a real-world initiative. Working on volunteer and open source projects also help you build an extensive professional network.

Don’t Forget About Soft Skills!

Companies want their IT employees to be well-rounded, with a collection of soft skills complementing their technical acumen. When searching for candidates, they tend to be attracted to those with the right mix of the latest tech skills and softer abilities. As such, hone your communication skills, both verbal and written. Additionally, emphasize any leadership or problem-solving experience on your résumé and during interviews.

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